Hey girl Hey! My name is Jennifer Allen but my friends call me Jen and I am so happy you are here. I am the proud owner of Just Elope LLC an Elopement and PopUp Wedding PlanningCompany based in Dallas.



Our past love stories have been shared in Essence Magazine, CW33 news and live on Good Morning Texas(to name a few)Throughout the process of planningover 70 Elopements and PopUp Weddings I've had the pleasure of meeting some incredible women who all have an amazing story to tell.


Through my interactions with these beauties it made me realize that no matter the race, social economic background or upbringing we are all women who want to be loved, who want to keep the marital fire burning but sometimes struggle to find balance in being a wife/ mom while finding time to still take care of themselves. I knew I wanted to be there for them beyond their wedding and figure out a way to educate any woman planning a wedding on how why the industry works, from that thought Wedding to Wife was born.


Our  podcast will interview wedding industry professionals to ask the questions that we all have thought about at one point and time like “Why does bridal makeup cost more than regularmakeup?” Seriously is there a special magical wife to be brush being used? This is the "Wedding" part . The "Wife" part will really get down to the nitty gritty of what it is like being married, howto fight fair and what to do when you just feel overwhelmed. We will have real wives on talking about real wife life, because we all know it is so much more than a ring.


We will also host :


  • Meetups and Workshops

  • Couple's Date Night Events

  • Wife Retreats and so much more!


I wanted to create a safe space for wives and women like you by providing practical and creative ways to have a thriving marriage or relationship while making sure you accomplish your dreams



It's all about being practical and creative when it comes to maintaining and enhancing your relationships. Subscribe to our newsletter to always be bout that life.

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