Being an adult is tough. Being an adult who hasn't figured out your purpose in life makes it even tougher. For the first 31 years of my life I hadn't truly figured out my why


I went from being an insecure child who just wanted to fit in, to a confused college drop-out who had no clue what life after school would
bring. I knew I wanted more but I could not figure out what that "more" was. So, I got a job and became a tax-paying member of society who convinced myself I was happy and that working a traditional 9-5 would be my life forevermore. I ignored that inner voice in the back of my head telling me I was meant for more, because let's face it not everyone can be extraordinary (or so I thought).

July of 2010 all of that changed when I married my husband. I no longer had to figure out my life because now I had a new one- like legit new social security card and ID so I was official. Whenever I was asked to introduce myself I would say,  “Hi! My name is Jennifer Allen, I am married to my best friend" and a few years later I got to add" mom of two amazing boys”. That was my intro, every single time because that was my identity. I wasn't just a regular wife and mom, Nah I was a Pinterest pinning, craft making, matching outfit wearing wife and mom. I was devoted to my family and loved it but I had no identity outside of them. So often I would hear " girl you are so blessed! You have a husband who loves you deeply and two incredible kids, you have it made."


When I would mention the things, I wanted to do or accomplish I was often told “it’s going to be hard with small kids, a husband plus you already work full time. You have to make sure you are making time for them, they need you.” That little voice telling me I was meant for an extraordinary life started getting louder and louder and when I finally decided to listen I had a horrible case of guilt. Of course, they needed me, but I needed me too. I needed me to “fill my cup” so that I could actually pour into my family and wasn’t filled with this void. The key would be realizing it was ok to want more and striving for it didn’t mean that my family wasn’t enough it just meant I needed to figure out a new balance to my life so that I could accomplish things for myself that I was proud of outside of my role as wife and mom. I had to find my true identity.

So, I went for it. I launched my brand Just Elope in 2017 and through lots of trials, errors and life lessons I have learned how to thrive in my marriage and live my best personal life. I have finally figured out my "more". That little voice telling me to go harder is as loud as ever and I listen and execute daily! Throughout the 9 years and counting that I’ve been married, I've realized how important self-care and having a safe space to express your feelings is. My reason for becoming a certified Wife Coach is to be that safe space for wives or women like you by providing practical and creative ways to have a thriving marriage or relationship while making sure you accomplish your dreams. We all can live the extraordinary life we envision in our heads by being dedicated and intentional in our quest for self-discovery.



I want to help you focus on your self and have a space to express yourself and be the certified wife or woman you've dreamed of being. For availability or just to have a quick chat leave me a note below.  



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